Riedell R3

These were purchased today. I anticipate their arrival with the most bated of breath!


Woman In Black Visual

My 3 year study at Nottingham Trent University is just about over. The course of choice, Design for Film and Television made for the fastest and most productive 3 years of my life! Now, work commences on the Degree show to showcase the fruits of this 3 year journey! Although personally I am oh too aware of the trials and tribulations, ( mostly working all night on things like 1:20 scale carousel models and becoming a connoisseur of energy drinks ) of learning and using softwares, dealing with intense deadlines and vast briefs, whilst absorbing new terms I was previously unaware of, I feel to some extent the need to justify this to my, somewhat clueless, and maybe of the industry slightly sceptical, ( though ever supporting) parents. So I am now faced with the job of selecting the cream of the crop to showcase just what’s happened whilst I’ve been away from home In Nottingham since September ’07…

I am fortunate to be exhibiting initially in this space, a very airy and naturally well lit space in our University building in Nottingham, and then later in the summer at London’s Pinewood Studios and Prop house Chase 55.